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New year, New start!

By on January 10, 2011

The game rearranged from the frosty period was deemed to be a closely fought contest. As both teams languishing in the bottom half of the table seperated only by a few points. As they say along with a new year comes a new start.

The idea in principle worked with Skip Jones changing the formation to accomodate the players he had to use. This worked with gusto, for the first 20 minutes the Black Knights were passing the ball about and completely restricted Wilmslow. With a perfectly executed short corner within the first 5 minutes the ball was sent on the switch to Senor Hickson who placed it quite neatly into the far corner.

As stated before the first 20 minutes was all Knutsfords but they just couldn’t stick the ball in the back of the net. Just before the half time whistle Wilmslow brought themselves back into the game which brought about a stern team talk from all who had a voice. However Knutsford were caught once again by the men in Orange and went 2-1 down.

This only spurred the men in black on and some hard tackles were going in, alas Mr Berkin paid dearly with a yellow card for what looked like a perfectly timed tackle that not only got the ball but their player too.

With time running out Dave Hickson managed to knock one in from the back post

Final score 2-2

First team match Report:
Knutsford hoped that their pre match breakfast in Primavera would sustain the team for their first game after the Christmas break. Certainly it was a chance for the team to air their views after a poor first half of the season. Ed Higgs captured the team’s objectives and mission statement but the end result was another defeat for the Black Knights.

Dan Allen captained the side for the first time in 4 seasons in the absence of club captan Mat Hodge – granted paternity league by the club following the birth of his second child. Knutsford currently need new talent but unfortunately Jonty Hodge is not going to be able to come through the ranks fast enough to influence this season’s outcome.

Knutsford were a goal down within 10 minutes to a well contructed move. This could have resulted in a debacle but on this occasion heads did not drop and the remainder of the first half was largely a stalemate. Neither side created clear cut chances beyond a couple of short corners apeice. Simon Trenbrith came closest at one such opportunity but fired just wide when the goalkeeper was surely beaten.

The game came to life in the second half and a controversial moment turned the game. Knutsford felt they should have secured a short corner when the bowdon defender failed to retreat 5 yards – the ball also hitting the defenders foot. No decision was given and Bowdon’s breakaway secured the crucial second goal.

A superb 3rd goal from a right wing cross effectively secured the points. However with 20 minutes left knutsford suddenly dominated the game. Ollie Ruby scored a penalty flick and then a superb solo goal to put the game back in grasp of the visitors.

​Knutsford pushed hard for the equalizer. Stuart Kenyon and man of the match Simon Trenbrith sparkled in midfield and orchestrated the play. Defenders pushed forward and Simon Locke augmented the midfield. Bowden appearared broken men. Unfortunately with 8 minutes on the clock, Jay Punchon could not keep out a powerful Bowden short corner and the game was lost.

Knutsford were unfortunately denied a grandstand finish when an advantage was not played moments before Ollie Ruby scored what would have been his hat-trick.

Dan Allen was proud of his team’s performance and remains confident that lessons can be learned from this fixture – “Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker. We are like tea bags – we don’t know our own strength until we’re in hot water. A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner” was a synopsis of his post match analysis. Knutsford head towards the coast for a crucial clash with Bebington on Saturday.

Bowdon 4 knutsford 2

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