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Cycle Knuts Top 100

By on April 20, 2009

Kitchen start leads to rapid growth Like other great campaigns the action to make Knutsford a cycle friendly town started in a local kitchen. Five like minded cyclists came together to form CycleKnutsford. In short order the 5 grew to over 100 members and the group doesn’t meet in the kitchen anymore.

The reasons behind the groups rapid growth is not clear; No doubt the enthusiasm and persistence of the founders were factors; the start up and continued support from the local fire fighters certainly helps; and perhaps Knutsford is just full of people who like to cycle and are not afraid to get involved. What ever the reasons Knutsford now has one of the fastest growing cycle groups in Europe.

It is not about making money it is about making Knutsford a cycle friendly town. “We made it clear that we represent all types of cyclists from utility cyclists to racing cyclists.” said Founding Member Jane McHarry. It does not cost much to join CycleKnutsford in these ‘credit crunched’ times they ask for a voluntary donation of up to £5 per year.

To reach their aims the group believes it is more valuable to have wide community representation than a great deal ofmoney. Their aim is to help Knutsford become a cycle friendly town. They plan to achieve this by improving cycle safety, bicycle parking and cycle training. If they are successful the roads around Knutsford will become better for cyclist and non-cyclists alike.

cyclesaftey_841056526.jpgCyclists don’t ‘do meetings’ As a breed cyclists don’t really ‘do meetings’. They prefer, well cycling actually, but when they can’t do that they like to get things done. CycleKnutsford recently held a Cycle Maintenance day at Knutsford Fire Station. A steady flow of people came looking for help on how to check bikes, mend punctures and find out cycling safely.

Tony Debio of “Bikes and Gear” was on hand and kept busy advising and checking bikes. The town’s fire brigade came up trumps with their Road Safety Officer on hand complete with mobile exhibition van and a video on safe cycling. CycleKnutsford have built support and links with other groups who can help them achieve their aims.

A meeting with George Osborne MP secured his support to improving cycling in Knutsford. As a he cycles to the Commons and takes his young family cycling in Tatton Park he is aware of the issue of cycling safety. As are the Warrington Cycle Campaign and Cyclenation who offered the new group support and shared their experiences that will prevent the cyclists reinventing wheels in the future.

CycleKnutsford pedals forward
CycleKnutsford is one of our town’s great community action groups. With their clear goal to make Knutsford a better town to cycle in and growing local support they might just change our streets. CycleKnutsford welcomes all new members, to join the group simply e-mail  

More information about Cycle Knutsford will appear in the Knutsford Times. Please subscribe to Knutsford Times and visit the website regularly for further updates.

About Paul Fitzpatrick

CycleKnutsford is a local community group set up with the aim to keep Knutsford a cycle friendly town. The group has grown quickly and now has over 100 members. Joining is easy simply send e-mail to we look forward to hearing from you.

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