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A roaming draw for Dendy

By on April 27, 2010

Honours all even after a pulsating match which was mainly towards one end in the second half. Nomads struck first after a staggered offside trap was exposed & Martin Brunker equalised 5 minutes later with a direct free kick which the keeper fumbled into his own net.

The second half was then dominated by nomads missing chance after chance but that was mainly down to a superb display by Dendy keeper Robert Tilley keeping them at bay at least a dozen times. Dendy had a few opportunities to create an upset, if only Dendy’s forwards knew the offside rule; apart from that the only time the ball hit the back of the net was after a dissallowed goal by the nomads player after the referee spotted some pushing. Great result after last weeks poor performance.

Attendance: 20
Refereed by: R Bradfield

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