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Unfortunate home defeat for Holmes Chapel

By on April 6, 2009

Chapel started well and took the game to the visitors from the off. Scrum Half, Jonny Cornish leading from the front, backed up by Simon Davies on the flank.

Sandbach however began to press the Holmes Chapel defence as they gained territoral advantage. Stong tackling in the midfield by Rob Moore and Chris Broomfield keeping the visitors out.

Chapel then pushed forward and the pressure told as Sandbach were adjudged off-side. Cornish made no mistake with the penalty and chapel had the lead. More good play followed, Moore was proving a handfull a he broke through the defence, good support play followed and Jim Moss was able to complete the move, scoring in the corner to put chapel 8-0 up.

Sandbach began to get in the game much more, big defencive efforts keeping themout, however good play led to a push over scrum just before the break to put them back in the game. Half-time  HC 8 S’Bach 7

Chapel were forced into a couple of changes through injury, Chapel namesake players Matt and Matthew Griffiths both had to leave the field after impressive performances. Sandbach started strongly in the second half, clearly uping their game. Chapel however, responded with some fine tackling, unfortunately Broomfield was injured and had to be replaced.

Chapel were holding on to the lead and the experience of sanbach was begining to show as they went close. Finally the pressure told as Sandbach drove through to put themselves in the lead at 12-8.

Chapel had again to make changes and in a scrappy final 15 minutes, Sanbach held the initiative as they continued to press, another converted try followed, but chapel can hold their heads high as they ran a very good Sandbach team close.

Chapel look forward to hosting Altrincham Kersal next week and must continue their recent improvement. The club would like to thank  sponsors, Pochin, Wyman Homes and AUF Leasing

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