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Grim evening for Knutsford Squashers

By on November 22, 2010

Knutsford 2 home to Alderley Edge 3: A grim evening for the Seconds who despite some last minute phoning around only managed to field a team of 4.It was the fourth loss of the season placing the team 4th from bottom of Div 4 South. Dreams of being at the top of the league at this stage of the season have been shattered.

Reports in order of appearance:
Evo (No 2) – unfit and out of practice was unable to take advantage of his opponent’s erratic play and went down 2-3.
Hindley (No 4) – lost 3-0 in a dignified manner to a cocky 12 year old (who hasn’t lost all season)
Smithy (No 3) – received a bit of a battering – a quick 0-3.. But it was from a player with experience of playing a number of matches at no 1 in Div 4. Slow down a bit, Dave!
Whitty (No 1) – playing another left, lost 0-3. But the result wasn’t as bad as it looks. Hammered in the first and third games but managed to adapt his game in the second and reached game ball. Good squash to watch. Advice received from Uttley at the end of the second game may have been responsible for the feeble end to the match.

Finally, Captain’s thanks to Simon, Dave and Tony for happily playing at positions higher than what they are used to.

Knutsford 3 Home to Alderley Edge 5 Knutsford 3rds first game back after their shock defeat against Crewe two weeks ago. How would they fair? Would Cpt Jacko be back behind the wheel, fighting fit and ready to steer his motley crew back to the top of Div5 South? Well the answer was yes but only for two hours as he had to get back to Jackson Towers for 9.30pm for a conference call. M’mmmmmmmm or was it really another candlelit meal?

So first game of the evening was a battle of the Jacksons at 3, Bill against Chris, ‘You Got To Be There’ would it be as simple as ‘ABC’ ? Cpt Jacko blew the dust off his powerplay 2010 and trotted onto court. (New range out now Bill, check them out with you know who) Was his pesky hamstring history? ‘Can You Feel It?’ Oh dear first game lost 2-9. Jacko came off for a rub down, short of match practice perhaps? Second game to Jacko 9-5.

So that was the way it went, each player taking it in turns to win a game until the fifth when Jacko just couldn’t seal it. However more importantly was the hamstring behaved. Jacko dashed off leaving Snapey with strict instructions regarding the admin duties for the rest of the evening. (By the way Bill you missed the food, I’ve saved you a plateful). Next on at 5 was KSC’s own home grown talent and a product from the club’s Junior stable David O’B Desperate for a win against Dan Clarke. David showed some nice drives down the wall.

Perhaps not consistent enough to trouble his opponent though. Ten out of ten for effort but Dan ran out the winner 3-0. Keep at it David, it’s all good practise. Stick with the Cow Pie diet. Geoff Dalton, keen for a game as the fourths had no match, was up next at 4 against wily wispy Tim Wynn. Another see-saw game, each player taking it in turns to win a game. Tiny Tim didn’t like the way the Marker ‘foot faulted’ him on his serve or when his serves didn’t hit the front wall high enough. What the Dickens is going on? Have a heart Mr Hunter, he’s only a little fella! Tim muttered his way through the match as Geoff battled his way to the fifth game. Alas there was no fairytale ending for Geoff as Tim took the fifth 9-6. So the match lost with still two games to go.

Valuable points to be won. Next on court ambled the formidable frame of Graham the Hunter at 2 against Chris Heap. First two games to The Hunter and the third looked like it should be a formality. Heapy had other ideas and came out with extra vigour to take the 3rd 9-2 and the fourth 9-4. So it was all set for another fifth game showdown. The Hunter was now in overdrive, face getting redder, panting heavily he played a blinder, and took the last 9-5. Superb commitment and well played for grinding out a much needed win.

As The Hunter was battling away on Court 1, Court 2 became available. Snapey, frustrated at not yet being able to have a beer as it was almost 9-30pm, he spotted the opportunity and lured Adam Slade onto the free court for the 1st string game. ‘Mama weer all crazee now’. Clock ticking, there was no time to hang about. Snapey had done all the admin. He had paid the food bill and said ‘Goodbye T’ Jane’ (Grubb). Now there was a job to be done. San Miguel was calling, and the pull of the Bar was no match for young Adam. Snapey won in three, dropping just 6 points in the match.

So although the second 2-3 defeat of the season, it was 10 valuable points gained.

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