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Sheppard’s pie good…….squash bad

By on November 23, 2010

Steve Smith not able to play against the best player in this division and a sore throat prevented our other gladiator John Burke from playing, things weren’t looking good.

So up the order we all shot with call-ups for the Dave Waring and Perry Russell at 4 and 5.

On went Risley at 3 against speedster Dave Kelly. Bish bash bosh and Mr Kelly didn’t know what hit him, Risley walked off court 9-0 in the first. Kelly then had some coaching from their superstar Rhys and things started to turn ugly. Dave won the next three and AZ were 1-0 up.

Meanwhile unseen on the other court Steve Costello went on against Simon Morrison, having narrowly lost the second Steve went down 3-0.

The slim looking Waring on at 4 looked good and took the first easily. Pete levelled in the second but Dave took a 2-1 advantage. The fire in Dave’s belly had expired and he capitulated to go down 9-0, 9-1 in the next two. A right bollocking from the captain on the balcony when Dave timidly asked for a let and then said ‘naaargh I probably wouldn’t have got it!’ Madness!!!

Chris Smith was next up against their superstar who hadn’t dropped a game all season. If the match were 9 games long Smithy would maybe have knicked one, and he lost 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 but with a smile on his face. Rhys was just too good. Man of the match goes to Smithy for not swearing on court for a change.

So with 3 points in the bag it was down to Perry to save us from embarrassment. Up against the black clad, chain wearing Mr Hancox, Perry lost the first two games as both players hurtled around the court. Perry started to make a comeback and took the next but pulled his calf muscle and capitulated in the 4th.

So with just 4 points we all retired to the bar for some good scram and beers and a good laugh was had by all.

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