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Edged out by local rivals!

By on November 29, 2010

After losing the last 2 matches Knutsford 1sts were looking for a win against the edgers from alderley. On paper we looked the favourites, but those dodgy alders proved edgy and pulled in two ringers, their no.1 having played in division one the week before!!

So on steps steve Costello against phil ‘the ball murderer’ morgan. Steve took the first on a tie break, but succumbed to the tubster from the edge and his ball breaking drives. Steves recovery shots were a delight to watch but he just couldn’t keep it up and was morganated 3-1.

Next up was our rock mr burke, full of the sniffles and having not played for a week. He was up against a cross between brian sewell and tony hart in mr hine, although with an evil stare that would have had Paddington bear quacking in his boots. Our man had hine trying to move his cranky old frame all over the court and was soon 7-0 up. Then a turning point (or so hine thought) a no let call by the ref when hine was 30 yards from the ball!! The whingemeister hine stared at our ref and to much amusement of the balcony declared war on him. So he lost 9-0, 9-7 and then 9-5 to much cheering and amusement from the knutsford side of the balcony and i suspect hine was just as unpopular on his side of the balcony.

So at 1-1 our other rock mr smith the senior stepped on court against ringer no.1. steve played his usual deep drives and tight drops, but perret was like a ferret and picked up everything ou man had to offer. Having lost the first 2-9, steve picked the pace up and won the next 9-5, but eventually succumbed and lost 1-9, 4-9.

So it was down to risley and smith the younger to rescue the tie for knutsford. Unfortunately risley failed to live up to the billing and went down 3-0. Smith the younger gave a better account and was 2-0 up against his fag smoking oppo wearing a pair of beach shorts. Thus player was quality and although didn’t play squash as chris knows it, pulled the game out of the bag.

So the 3rd straight loss for knutsford 1sts!! Sandbach 2 next week so should be able to regain some lost momentum before Christmas.

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