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Knutsford travel south to secure victory over Sandbach

By on December 6, 2010

Bottom of the table sandbach 2 were a welcome relief for the knutsfordians, having lost the previous 3 matches.

Burkey on 1st and won without breaking sweat, just as quick as he dispatched his oppo he was offo back home to study. 3-0

Injured Risley went on next against an old man who liked the cold courts and the cold ball.  Risley having taken the first without point loss then decided to give some charity to the lowly sanbachians and gave them a valuable point. 3-1

Costello meanwhile was dispatching his oppo in fine style and knutsford had the match wrapped up.  3-0

The 2 smiths pulled up the rear with 3-0 wins each.  Although steve’s opponent didn’t like to press the flesh and made a hasty, moody exit off the court to our bewildered no.1 and all the balcony.  Chris Smith, man of the match for not swearing on court– again!!!

Last game of the half next week and 3rd in table.

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