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Squash Misery at Prestbury & home!

By on December 13, 2010

There were 3 good things on Thursday night:

Man of the match performance from Waring who managed to salvage a small amount of credibility and dignity for the Seconds

A friendly Prestbury Team, but that was not surprising since we had just given them their first win of the season A proper Christmas Dinner, with crackers and Christmas Pudding

The rest was horrible.

The ‘pratt with the bat’ award goes to captain Evo for his totally dreadful performance against Bader Khan – even Snapey had managed to beat him this season.

Also looking very pratt-like was the weary Robinson who provided the aged Boon with his first win of the season.

Ward junior never got into gear and looked a shadow of his former self as he went down easily to Pat Hunter. Further bad news here as John has decided that he needs to play more squash and so will be joining a club in Sheffield, where he works, for next half of the season. No one can blame him for this = he has bravely been doing the round trip to Cheshire on Thursday nights all season, and it has finally got too much. Good luck in Sheffield, JW. Looks like we might have to make do with his dad, instead!

Finally, although Smithy played with guts and determination, even doing a couple of Jacko-like dives, he still lost to a player who hadn’t won all season.

A bad night.

Next up….
Knutsford 1 Home to Grove Park 4 Date: 9th December 2010

Last game of the first half and knutsford spirits were high from their drubbing of sandbach the week before.

Up first was our man Costello. At 8.15 they were still only on the 3rd game!! A marathon match was on the cards. Steve stroked the ball down the side walls and stroked some more until his opponent became dizzy. Steve won in 5. So a good start to the tie.

Next on in good haste was the burkenator against a previous winner of the national over 65s. No need to worry our man and Burkey won in straight sets easy and off he went with a smile and a skip.

So with 2 matches in the bag on steps risley against a mitten clad oppo of mature years who wore a nice bright blue gum shield….. not sure what this was for?? Risley won easy in 3 to take the match.

With the smiths ready to take to the stage all looked good for a 20 pointer. Steve up next against a young hard hitting oppo. He looked pretty good but our man was on fire and demolished him before risley had even finished his douche. Bish bash bosh.

Burkey having departed to do his homework, Costello already tucked up in bed and risley having to relieve the babysitter, chris stepped onto a cold court with no support. A usual demolition job took place in the first 2 games and smithy was looking good. Then smithy too decided to leave the club too and lost the next 3 to drop the only point of the night for knutty.

19 points in total and a great half to the season. Well done chaps. Harder second half with the imminent

departure of our numero uno steve smith. lobbying from el capitano.

Merry Christmas.

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