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Pudding Performance

By on January 10, 2011

First game after Christmas and there were a few pudding type performances on the court. Big comeback for Streff after almost a year out from competitive squash.

First up was Smith senior at 1 against a young, well toned Ben Selby. On top in the first 2 games with his usual style of length drives and tight drops, Steve looked like he was going to be a comfortable winner, but started to falter towards the finish line. Selby had a couple of game points in the third but threw them away and our man clung on for victory in 3.

Next up was Risley at 5 against an ageing Pat Bevan. Not really pushed Risley won comfortably in 3, giving only 6 points away. The end of each game saw Bevan throw his racket onto the floor. Highlight of the match was Risley’s through the legs shot which earnt him a self proclaimed man of the match for the first time this season. First pudding performance of the evening from Bevan. 2-0 up to knutsford.

Fresh from victory against the Burkemeister the previous night and looking good to bring the match home for Knutsford was Smith junior at 2. Looking splendid in what looked like a Christmas pair of shorts and a milk free diet, he gave a Christmas pudding performance. Smithy didn’t get out of first gear and was drawn into his opponents slower style game to go down in 3. Stay off the black coffee dude and down some latte’s!

Could our rock at 3 bring home the match for knutsford? Up stepped Burke against a usual div 2 man Steve Clayton. No fuss from Burkey and he quickly took the first. Some long rallies ensued and our man chased down everything Steve gave him to close out the match 3-0. No puddings here.

So up stepped the Streffster against a lean, mean looking Tom Slater at 4. With the tie already won there was no pressure for Streff in his first match back. Looking good in the first he took it 9-7. The second game saw some long rallies and a dodgy refereeing decision which looked like it put our man into pudding mode to lose it 0-9. Streff clung on for the next two but Tom bullied the centre of the court and aggressively took the match 1-3.

A good 15 points for the night and a baked bean chilli to end with. Prestbury 2 next week so lets stay off the puddings!

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Knutsford 1 Home to Crewe Vagrants 2

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