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A Stroll in the Park ?? Read on !!

By on January 17, 2011

Anticipating an early finish , the capt had already briefed Mrs Grubb to be early and having arranged the first match to commence at 7, conditions looked set fair .

Early doubts crossed the capt’s mind when Steve O’H and David O’B took centre stage with much hand shaking like a pair of boy scouts – get on with it lads . Then someone tore up the script ! . David was on fire, took the first , and almost the second . The fourth team Capt berated the marker ( but I was excellent , come on Steve ! ) Steve pulled it back 2-1 , then David stormed back again 2-2 , and after almost an hour Steve at no. 3 closed out the tie . Too close for comfort . Fabulous squash .

Gwyn up next at 5 to polish off Chris Sheppard in quick time . But Chris is much improved and suddenly it’s 1-1 . Gwyn needed to stop his cartoon impression ( tin tin ) and rallied to a 3-1 close . Neat Gwyn .

Surely Tony at 4 would give the Vet a run around . Again not the case , those Bob Martins have worked wonders ( probably paid for by excessive fees , ie Tony’s ?? ) and Ian was leaping around like a man possessed . Tony maintained his professionalism though and won through 3-0 .

Smithy next at 2 against Thommo . Cheered on by his playmate Tim , surely he couldn’t fail ( although why Tim wasn’t in either team was a mystery – get a grip capt’s ! ) . All of a sudden the tie stood at 1-1 . Smithy looked up to the balcony to see Jacko sharpening his axe , but no worries , despite not changing his game whatsoever , Smithy scrapped home 3-1 .

And so to the final game at no. 1 , Cash v. Geoff , with lots of huff and puff. Gary looked a little nervous as he inspected the sellotape holding his PowerPlay wand together, but Gary had too much in his locker , and overcame Geoff 3-0 . Still Geoff had a lot to savour on the night , a great performance from the fourths , with David awarded the match ball for performance of the evening .

Thanks to Steve , Gwyn , and David for helping with the food , and for Smithy clearing the plates ( that’s a first , me thinks he thinks he might be dropped !! )

Excellent Evening at Knutsford

What a thoroughly enjoyable evening of thrilling squash! (it may be that the author needs to get out more). As well as the quality of the squash, there was the awesome result : Knutsford 18 points, Prestbury only 8. Still not enough to overtake Prestbury in the league, but the Seconds are only a handful of point adrift now.

The fifth string match was the least exciting, with Evo playing and quickly overcoming the rather immobile Danny Boon. 3-0.

The other 4 matches all followed the same script – tough no-nonsense battles with the ascendancy constantly see- sawing between Prestbury and Knutty. Games and matches with victory only a formality constantly changed as seemingly dead and buried players struggled back to life. Particular cases in point were Whitty’s loss after having been 2-0 up, but then not just managing to finish off his opponent, and then Perry’s loss after having been 0-2 down then coming back to 2-all, only to lose in the fifth. Steve’s 3-1 win at 3rd string was a nail-biter – the balcony watched in horror as he tried his best to throw away a 2-0 lead. Waring’s game? Another fine effort, displaying fast skilful squash against an accomplished opponent. Being a bit of a perfectionist, Waring came off court claiming to have played poorly, but to Evo, the game was a joy to watch!

Finally three cheers for all 10 players for playing in such a sportsman-like manner. Top evening.
Knutsford 2 – Prestbury 3

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