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Tennis Open day a success!

By on June 21, 2011

Our Tennis Club Open Day on Saturday 18th June was a great success. The sun brought a lot of local families down to the Club, youngsters as well as Mums and Dads all got on court to try out playing tennis.

We were inundated with lots of enthusiastic young players as youthful as 3 years old who were keen  to take up the many fun coaching and basket drill games that were set up by Mark Airey, Knutsford Tennis Club’s Head Coach. The games and activities on court generated a lot of interest from their Mums and Dads who also wanted to take up the racquet and join in, and they did!

Knutsford Tennis Club’s courts were filled with children and adults of all ages and abilities playing tennis.

Rosebank Sports were on hand too with a selection of their clothing and footwear for everyone to buy their new sports clothes and equipment.

There was also a very successful BBQ as well as lots of home-made cakes and plenty of hot drinks on offer which proved to be a popular distraction when the heavy rain shower took everyone off court for a bit! Typical British weather and just in time for Wimbledon fortnight, infamous for its rain delays!

The rain did not stop play for long though as once the weather passed everyone was eager to return to the courts, particularly the players who  are current members who took on the challenge of playing against Mark to play ‘beat the coach’.  (Latest reports are that Mark Airey’s pride isn’t too damaged despite the evident talent of his challengers, most of whom he has coached)

Our own forthcoming Junior Club Championships start on 11th July and we hope many of our youngsters will also enter this.

We have had a lot of interest about joining Knutsford Tennis Club and would very much like to encourage all those who came, young and adult, to watch Wimbledon fortnight and join our club to play for themselves. We look forward to seeing them all down on our courts very soon!

We are always looking for new social and team players to join our club, all ages and abilities welcome. They can find out more online at

Submitted by: Jennifer English

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